AutoCAD - 3D Modeling

Westructure take a very impressive and up-to-date approach - particularly in the eyes of customers.

Using 3D design modeling greatly improves design quality because it is a more complete process than 2D design. As a result, many human errors that can occur with traditional 2D design methods are avoided.

Other organisations incur problems such as incorrect quantities or parts that don't fit, this happens because a designer who works in only 2D is forced to hold much of the information mentally.

Westructure’s design intent is vastly improved by using CAD 3D modeling.

Organisations using the 2D design will need to build a prototype before clients could truly understand a design.

Since CAD 3D modeling can be used to generate pictorial views as well as traditional projections, the design intent can clearly be seen by our clients. Consequently, it is possible to communicate a 3D modeling design and promote inter-departmental understanding earlier in the project cycle, thus creating a time saving.

The possibilities for concurrent engineering take a real step forward with CAD 3D design because the sheer quality of 3D design modeling data can be instinctively understood and acted on by other parties.