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Acoustics and Insulation.

The mass of the wall construction, together with the separation and air cavity which helps to prevent the airborne transmission of sound, provides a very good level of sound insulation in modern homes. This goes alongside high thermal insulation giving excellent U values, helping to keep down heating costs by retaining the heat produced within the house.

Keep warm and quiet insulate your property!

Timber frame acoustic and thermal performance potential can dramatically exceed statutory acoustic and insulation regulation requirements.

detail showing typical party wall construction
View lots more standards drawings at the technical drawings pages.

Don’t assume that only solid walls can guarantee you peace and quiet. In fact, in tests in 2003 for the establishment of ’Robust Details’ that can be used by any designer and house builder, the standard specification for timber frame party walls (Wall Specification TPW-1) performed the best out of any construction method......

“If all dwellings had sound insulation as good as that measured in party walls of timber frame homes, the problems of noise from neighbours would be greatly reduced.“

Dr. Smith of Napier University.