Kennford - near Exeter Devon.

detached traditional timber frame house

modern feature framing design

The main problem with this build was access to the site, it was up a narrow steep hill.
We had to make the components of the timber frame kit in smaller pieces than usual so that we could get the kit into place.

The clients got themselves a very good digger driver, Charlie Geetch, who also helped us haul the kit into place.

Charlie had to remove tons of soil from the site in the first place. We had already sent our surveyor into the site to do detailed measurements.
The land and the neighbouring property was then modelled on our computer. This enabled us to help the client with the set out for a reduced dig
and to help him optimise the proposed house on to the site.

By carrying out this work it helped reduce the amount of retaining structure necessary and therefore reduced costs.

The timber frame was a 140mm open panelled construction with a cut roof. We used metal webbed joists for the floor as they were nice and light to hump around.

Erectors Ash and Niel did a great job of erecting the house which took circa 3 weeks. The house works within the sloping ground very well.

house build with a great view

This house build is now full of the Bennett family and provides a really great family home.

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