At Slopes Farm - a unique and eco-friendly house.

This building project is featured in BuildIt magazine.
impression of the timber house with exterior timber cladding

An artist's impression of the house when complete.

open plan living accomodation lots of space

This is a double skinned timber frame construction.

Ultra modern design with open plan living on lower floor and a split area first floor accessed by a double stairway.

Environmentally friendly house with living green roof, solar panels, modern living, nears completion.

double timber frame, large cavity wall insulation

The lower walls are rendered and painted.

green roof, growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane

The living green roof, growing medium is planted over a waterproofing membrane.

  • Drawings and 3d models of the timber frame structure.

The concept and design drawings are used to produced detailed CAD 3d image structural designs.

On the design computer these 3D images can be rotated and the view angle changed to check every structural and design requirement before the frame is built.

House building at Slopes Farm - place cursor on thumbnail images to see full size.

building house footings

scaffolding ready for house build

building the ground floor

gound floor interior frame

large open plan area ground floor

inside timber frame house erection

the gound floor timber frames

large frame panels

panels spaced for cavity insulation

cuved glulam timbers for feature stairs

preparing first floor timber frame

roof insulation boards installed

first floor timber frame panels

exterior damproof breather membrane

spacious open plan living area

green roof, roof lights

triple insulation board on roof

green roof waterproof membrane installation

first floor weatherproofing

exterior timber cladding

attractive weatherproof and insulating

timber cladding surface treatment

green roof planted, cedum and mixed planting

stone chippings for green roof drainage

upper floor timber cladding wood treatment

window frames and exterior finish

green roof plants growing

complimentary exterior colour scheme

the garage built in the same style

exterior and internal fitting continues

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