Frequently Asked Questions.

- Question: Are timber frame kits quick to erect?

- Answer: Yes, timber frame kits are very quick to site erect. If it is a timber frame kit house, it will normally be erected on site in 2-4 weeks. Timber frame kits for schools and timber frame flats or timber frame apartments take a little longer.

- Question: Do we sell Oak timber frames?

- Answer: Yes we do sell Oak timber frames through our partners at "The Timber Frame Company" based in Somerton, Somerset.

- Question: Do we deal with insulation for timber frame buildings?

- Answer: Yes we do deal with insulation for timber frame buildings with Excel Industries who supply Warmcel Insulation which gets pumped or sprayed into the timber frame panelised construction.

- Question: Do we have a large timber frame manufacturing facility?

- Answer: Yes we do have a large timber frame manufacturing facility based in Water Lane, Exeter. We have factory fabricated over 1000 timber frame kits from this offsite manufacture facility.

- Question: Is your timber from renewable or sustainable resources?

- Answer: Yes our timber is from renewable or sustainable resources and full chain of custody data is available. All of the timber / lumber used in the timber frame construction comes from registered sustainable timber suppliers.

- Question: Do we do timber frame extensions?

- Answer: We do timber frame extensions but normally it is only cost efficient for the larger projects. However sometimes the Clients Architect will specify timber frame in the cases where they are constructing first floor extensions. Timber frame construction is very favourable because it will be a light weight solution.

- Question: Is a timber frame building strong enough?

- Answer: Timber frame buildings are very strong because the timber frame components connect together very efficiently and the total construction works together as an engineered structure. The timber frame components used range from plywood and glulam to steel. These are all very robust timber and steel products.

- Question: Do you supply anything other than the timber frame kit?

- Answer: We feel that we are best suited to adhering to what we do best which is the supply of good quality timber frame kits.

- Question: Can you erect your timber frame kits?

- Answer: Yes we can supply a team of highly skilled erectors to erect your timber frame kit.

- Question: Do you supply timber frame structures to self builders?

- Answer: Self builders or self erectors form a larger part or our Client base. We are happy to supply the timber frame materials or timber frame components necessary to construct a timber frame house or timber frame flats. We are also happy to deliver timber frame kits or self assembly kits to self builders. Often self build project managers will manage the erection of the timber frame kit.

- Question: How big does the access have to be to get a timber frame package delivered?

- Answer: We pride ourselves on being able to deliver timber frame kits or timber frame components whether it is a timber frame house or a timber frame bungalow or a timber frame block of flats to most locations. We use small lorries with hiab offload facility so the timber frame package always gets onto site.

- Question: Has Westructure Timber Frame Ltd ever featured on television erecting one of your timber frame kits?

- Answer: Yes, we were featured on the programme 'Grand Designs' on Channel 4. This is a particularly modern design for a contemporary timber frame house and the timber frame package.

- Question: Please could you tell me more about Westructure Timber Frame and why I should use your services?

- Answer: Company Profile

Westructure Timber Frame was established in 1996 and specialises in the design, manufacture, supply and construction of domestic and commercial timber frame properties. The company has many years of experience and has to date completed over one thousand projects throughout the UK. Timber frame structures have been specified for domestic properties, apartments, schools, nurseries, offices, medical facilities, houseboats, barns and many more.

Westructure can provide a complete design and build service or work from a client’s own drawings. The timber frame kits are delivered on-site ready for erection by the contractor, self-builder or Westructure’s own team of frame erectors. Every timber frame kit comes complete with a comprehensive set of detailed drawings to allow for an easy and straight forward build.


Every project is dealt with individually by a team of three people who will transform architectural drawings into a scale model house. All the designs are available to view online using AutoCAD 3D modelling techniques, allowing the client to look in detail at the property and make adjustments before it is built. The design team will listen to and fully understand the client’s brief and will endeavour to find a cost effective solution for every requirement. Internal fittings such as staircases can be shown, even if they are not supplied by Westructure to provide a complete look. The engineering department can work with the most complex of designs to create the perfect structure.

Timber Frame Structures

Timber frame structures are being increasingly specified by the construction industry, house builders and self-builders as they offer a fast turn around and require minimal skilled build techniques. Timber frame houses are built within the factory and then delivered on-site and erected in a just a few weeks. Once the frame is erected, the outer skin of the structure can be quickly and easily installed using brick, stone, timber cladding or render. The frames allow for the installation of insulation between the timber frame panel studs, making the property energy efficient and eco-friendly. This can also be used in compliance with the new standards for insulation set by Building Regulations.

Timber frame properties are made using sustainable timber from FSC managed forests in Scandinavia. The structural framework uses stress graded softwood timber which is known for its strength, durability and resistance to the elements. The embodied energy in timber is low and the processing of timber to its finished state uses more than 25% less energy than that required for alternative materials.

Timber frames perform well in fire and will not flake, spall, melt, buckle or explode. Precise calculations can be made of the dimensions that structural timbers need to be to satisfy the UK’s strict fire and safety regulations. For improved insulation and acoustics the walls can be fitted with a high thermal insulation which will provide excellent U-Values as well as lowering heating bills and offering excellent levels of sound transmission.

Westructure Timber Frame prides itself on offering a tailor-made and environmentally friendly solution to any residential or commercial build project. The experienced and highly skilled team is fully committed to providing clients with a professional service, overseeing every project from the initial enquiry through to supply and installation. The friendly and dedicated sales team welcomes enquiries and will endeavour to create a perfect solution for any application.

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