Westructure timber frame company started in 1996 with its first order coming from Westrock Ltd. for nine houses. This gave us the impetus to fabricate timber frame kits for local property developers and self-builders, from there we have moved on to design, manufacture, supply and erect timber frame properties nationally and abroad.

Customers come to us with either a house fully designed, or they allow us to create draft timber frame house designs for approval or amendment based upon their requirements.

Pete Doman

My name is Pete Doman and I am the Managing Director of Westructure Timber Frame Ltd.
I am the person that will take you through the design process using three-dimensional modelling techniques allowing you to view and visit your timber frame home before it is constructed.

Please call and ask to speak to me on 01884 34635 or 07966 448 837

Email: team@westructure.co.uk.

Why should you order a house with Westructure Timber Frame Ltd.

It is this simple -

Your project design will be taken care of by three people...... they will be able to convert architectural drawings or even sketches into a scale model house........very quickly.......very accurately.......

........if you want to phone about your project......we will be able to get your project up on a computer screen within a minute.............. intelligently discuss it with you, at any time, over the phone.......... send you comments and views by email....including what we think you should do and maybe what you shouldn't do.......also try and find the most economical way of achieving what you want......and if we need to change it we can ..... you will then be able to visualise your building really well.......

.........we will show internal fittings like the stairs even though we are not necessarily supplying them .......because we know that the whole look of the home is important to you.......

.........how will you know what is going to work unless someone shows you the look of it........and if you are building something that could be better we will suggest alternatives ......but only if you want us to.......

..........we always return calls.....always.....and we can make any building you can dream of........however complicated ....as long as it can be engineered.............we have the cleverest engineers.......

..........we have been making timber frames for 16 years ..........and have made lots of them .......we have a man in our workshop that used to make furniture......and now makes our timber frames in the same way.....he almost cries when he makes something wrong....because he has so much pride .....and so do we........

.........if we say the building will be there on a certain day we ensure it will be there .....we care and have so much pride.........we want the project to go right for you ....so that you come back to us .....you can check with our previous clients.....we have supplied timber frames to France .....and Spain.......

.........we are reliable and honest,   dead modest   and lovely to deal with.

That is why you should buy your timberframe from us.

Superior quality houses, built using our standard 6-inch timber frame, essential for providing strength accuracy and long lasting performance.

Timber Frame Information.

The Government's Egan Report concluded that current building practices would need to be amended in order to achieve more environmentally and home owner friendly houses. Timber Frame is seen as a very strong contender to fill the role that the report suggests.

Timber frame is a sustainable way of building because trees grow naturally compared to other products that need energy to be manufactured. Many building products are made using intensive high temperature processes which are clearly unacceptable in light of our knowledge of climate change.

When trees are felled for timber frame construction they are replaced by mass planting for tree regeneration. Only approx. 5% of managed forest is harvested annually for construction use.

Timber frame houses can achieve more complexity of structural design due to the ability of wood to fix together strongly and its good weight to strength ratio.

Timber frame is a very rapid form of construction because it allows the structure to be worked on by several trades at the same time. The interior can be advancing at the same time as the bricklayers are completing the exterior.

Our Timber Frame kit would typically include the complete load bearing structure of the building to include all of the external and internal walls, the first floor construction and the structure of the roof. The erectors fit the first floor boarding at the time of the erect so as to provide the structural diaphragm of the building.

There is no more sustainable building material than timber.

Westructure Timber Frame use sustainable timber resources from managed forests in Scandinavia. All timber supplied is 'Stewardship Council' accredited.

A timber frame building has the potential to acheive a vastly improved insulation value. The insulation value can be adjusted by increasing the depth of the studwork, improving on the standard of .28w/m2k for a 140mm deep stud. to achieve the best insulation value it is possible to build a twin skin external wall construction and fill completely with insulation.

Insulation for timber frame can come from several sources. Glass fibre is the most common form with recycled paper becoming increasingly popular. The recycled paper gets either pumped or blown into the studwork.

The timber frame kit is fabricated in our factory. We can make the components in various sizes depending on how good the access is to site. We often make timber frames for sites where the access is poor, paying special attention to the practicality of the erection method.

Where the site access is good and we can fit a crane on site we can fabricate the components in larger pieces with the aim of crane erecting the complete building.

Timber frame can be and is often used for apartment blocks up to a height of five storeys. These buildings are able to be fireproofed and soundproofed to a high level with the use of insulation and plasterboard. Timber famed buildings can easily achieve the Robust Standards Details in multi occupancy buildings.

In light of the current skills shortage, Timber Frame offsite manufacture offers the advantage of utilising the computer aided design techniques that were previously unused in the building industry. It also enables a large portion of the building to be constructed in a controllable and checked procedure.

We support the use of green environmentally sustainable forest management worldwide.

Our Timber Frames are Structurally Engineered using local firms who we work in partnership with us to achieve the requirements of our clients and their Architects. When the building is part of the NHBC inspection scheme, we will supply the third party design checking form HB353b as part of our package.

Proccuring a Timber Frame kit has the advantage to the client of securing a large proportion of the building as a fixed price contract. The client is then removed from the potential and well documented potential battles with sub contractors.

Scotland has been the forerunner in Britain for the Timber Frame industry with 55% of all homes being built in Timber Frame. On a global view over 70% of the worlds population live in Timber Frame houses.

The top mortgage lenders are perfectly prepared to give mortgages to the owners of Timber Frame houses. The Halifax are on record saying "Halifax takes the view that properly constructed timber frame housing with external cladding is equally as good as houses built in brick or block and we make no difference in lending terms on either form of construction".

The Association of British Insurers say that companies generally draw no distinction between timber frame and brick and block construction providing the external roof covering is also of tiles, natural slate or concrete.

We are able to take often very basic Architectural drawings and create three dimensional computer generated models from which we are able to manufacture our Timber Frame kit from. This process on simple houses can sometimes take as little as a few weeks depending on the complexity of the building.

Our Timber Frame often incorporates the use of the metal web joist system. This allows for the passage of services and soil pipes through the floor construction which should help reduce the costs of plumbing and electrical installation.