The Westructure Sugar Cube - Steel and Timber Frame Project

"What a Frame!   A piece of perfection."   said Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs.

as featured on the Channel 4 programme Grand Designs - 'The Modernist/Minimalist Sugar Cube'.

Channel Four sugar cube house building

Martin Pease a commercial architect, with his wife Katherine and two children, has designed and built an open plan house where the whole house and everything in it is white and 'very square'.

Using Martins ideas and design Westructure produced detailed CAD 3d image designs and drawings to take in the structural, environmental and conceptual requirements.
This allowed the prefabrication of the steel and timber frame components to be produced to exacting standards.

how the timber framed construction will look
Grand Designs artists impression.

Quoting from the programme Kevin McCloud remarked "The steel was beautifully made... the steel just fitted... it just slotted into place in a few hours."
Continuing "This timber frame that is going in... which in itself is absolutely true... fits the steelwork - like a Dutch Boy's finger fits into a leaky dyke."

"Its such a pleasure to witness a project that runs so smooth, it allows its owners to leisurely shop for kitchens."

To watch this programe go to The Sugar Cube - to watch other episodes of Grand Designs go to Grand Designs videos.

Pictures of the way the house was constructed - place cursor on thumbnail images to see full size.

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