Westructure Timber Frame designs, manufactures, delivers and erects timber frame homes, houses and commercial premises.

We also provide bespoke timber frames to self-builders with advice, backup and a comprehensive set of drawings to allow ease of erection.

If you cannot find the information you require on the website please contact us, we will be able to help.

Since 1996 we have provided over 1000 timber frames, building vast experience and a standard unsurpassed in providing timber frame structures for both residential and commercial use......


Building Village Hall. Building design on two levels - great self build information. Eco-friendly building. Modern space saving house, green and efficient. Wide view windows. Luxury timber framed apartments - commercial timber frame building project. As seen on Television Channel 4. High quality housing. Large spacious barn conversion. New Farm House. Club house at golf and leasure park. Cost effective development. Development of family homes. Detached house in a village. Looking after children's needs. Frame built Children's Assessment Centre. Location and quality housing.

A build for you in the PROJECTS section.

Unique design to your requirements.

Westructure Timber Frame Company travel all over the country to erect timber frames using computer images, drawings and 3d images to aid rapid erection.

A computer with extensive information regarding the structure can by viewed on site to help direct the erection team giving them accurate measurements in seconds, therefore onsite control and management of all complexities.

The timber frame manager has already completed most of the entire build cost and work calculations at the design stage, including, layout, levels, structural strength, quantities, etc.

Due to this superior service, long term relationships with customer have been built up lasting many years. These customers are able to negotiate contracts based on trust rather than going to several companies to obtain competitive quotes.

The timber frame, when erected, only requires an outer skin of brick, stone, timber cladding or render and roofing to complete the main structure. This can make the use of sub-contractors more straightforward, helping to avoid expensive mistakes.
High insulation values are possible by installing insulation between the timber frame panel studs making it eco-friendly housing; able to comply with the new standards for insulation in building regulations therefore greatly reducing heating costs.

Cuffley - the completion of a spacious modern house.

This house is located in a sought after road that houses some household names from acting and football.
This frame was difficult because of the large areas of glass which left very little area of external walling of which we were able to use for the structure.

House building South West.

Vranch House Children's Assessment Centre.

A recent and very rewarding project that we will continue to support.

commercial timber frame development

Customers come to us with either a fully designed development or they allow us to create draft timber frame designs for approval or amendment.

The Westructure team ensures the timber frame kit is despatched ready for site erection either by the self-builder, contractor, or our own timber frame erectors.

The timber frame kits come complete with an extensive set of detailed drawings to allow ease of erection.

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