TRADA - Timber Research and Development Association.

2009 was a landmark year for TRADA, representing 75 years since it was founded as the Timber Development Association (TDA) in 1934.

Construction of timber frame wall.

TRADA is an internationally renowned organisation that exists to build markets for timber. It achieves this through market-led research and information programmes that aim to provide the inspiration, knowledge and support needed to design, specify and build with timber.

TRADA plays a vital role in promoting timber and raising its profile in building and construction.

Membership is available to anyone with an interest in timber and all membership subscription revenues are applied to research and information programmes through TRADA’s sole appointed service provider, TRADA Technology Ltd, which also manages membership administration and handles all enquiries from existing and potential members.

Available online
A selection of TRADA publications are available online and can be accessed via the TRADA website. Recently added resources for members include the updated editions of External timber cladding and Timber decking: The Professionals’ Manual.

The TRADA website and the advisory helpline provide members with access to a wealth of technical information. From online publications to individual queries, TRADA provides access to unrivalled resources to support the timber industry.

The website is now well established as an invaluable source of technical information about the use of timber and wood products in building. The site contains most of TRADA’s technical information stretching back over 70 years, including full text of publications and many products that are exclusive to members, such as free demonstration software and detail drawings plus full case studies and briefings on the latest developments in Regulations and Codes affecting the building industry.

Government is a major agent of change, driven by world and European political agendas concerning climate change, sustainability, social integration and security. Sustainability is becoming the major driver in planning and construction decision-making.

TRADA recognised that providing concise information on these matters would enable companies to harness the opportunities and address the threats, so launched at the start of 2007, via the website, a Construction Briefings service. Since then, more than 20 Construction Briefings covering a wide range of regulatory changes have been published, with some being amended two or three times due to the level of change taking place.

TRADA has long been recognised for the quality and authority of its publications and continues to be an invaluable source of information, inspiration and best practice in timber design and construction. New and revised publications over the last year have included:

Timber frame construction 4th edition
This book is recognised as the only comprehensive guide to best practice in timber frame design. It is used as a key reference by specifiers and designers because it provides clear and accurate solutions to construction challenges.

Manual for the design of timber building structures to EC5
Published jointly with the Institution of Structural Engineers, this manual and its accompanying CD provide qualiied structural engineers with guidance on the design of single and medium-rise multi-storey buildings using common forms of structural timberwork.

Timber and the sustainable home
Based on a series of interviews with architects and designers, this inspirational publication discusses how timber is being used to create attractive and environmentally sound homes. Illustrated with a wide selection of colour photographs and drawings, this book features recent examples of sustainable design and considers innovative ideas for the future.

Wood information sheets
TRADA’s wood information sheets continue to inform and educate, with new titles and revisions published this year including: Cladding for timber frame buildings, Acoustic performance in residential timber frame developments, Life cycle costing, Timber frame construction – site control, and Care of timber and wood-based products on building sites.

One of TRADA’s key roles is to act as a bridge between suppliers and specifiers of timber and one of the most successful ways of bringing the supply chain together is through seminars and exhibitions.

The EU defines sustainable construction as “the use and/or promotion of environmentally friendly materials, energy eficiency in buildings and management of construction and demolition waste”. Timber scores highly on all of these fronts and TRADA works hard to keep putting that message across.

The case studies area has become one of the most popular features of the TRADA website. More than 20 case studies have been published – with ten more already commissioned – now in a fresh new format, with sharper images and higher quality drawings.

Timber frame house construction.