Vranch House, Exeter, Devon - children's assessment centre.

Honeylands Children's Assessment Centre.

Our sister company Westbuild Ltd. carried out the role of the builder on this project. We worked closely with them to develop the structural design under the watchful eyes of the exeter based architect Carole Trim.

This project was erected at the beggining of one of the worst Decembers I can remember, even then, the erection period was 10 weeks. External panels were fabricated with 184mm deep timber studs giving depth for a fantastic insulation value. The roof was constructed with a complex series of attic trusses and cut timber infill. It was then clad with an outer skin of masonry and a slate roof.

A project that we will continue to support.

We are really proud to have constructed this building and would like to thank Colonel Wheeler and Carole Trim for their trust in us.

CAD 3d image structural designs.

These 3D images can be rotated and the view angle changed to check every structural and design requirement before the frame is built.

Pictures of Vranch House construction - place cursor on thumbnail images to see full size.

The building is now finished (April 2011) and in use as a Children's Assesment Centre.
The official opening ceremony of the newly completed Honeylands Children's Assessment Centre took place on Thursday 16th June 2011.

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